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FFXIV Money, FFXIV Gil, FFXIV Gold, Guide to taking bosses

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FFXIV Gil in the 12ky, here are some experience about taking boss. FFXIV GoldIt is useful for you. In addition, if you have no time to experience about taking boss. Hope it is useful for you.

In addition, if you have no time to earn gold and power leveling your characters. Do not worry, you can buy sell guild wars gold at online. All bosses below 75 belong to their respective tankers.

No other player is allowed to enter the AoE in an attempt to kill the boss for the last hit and drops. This is Bann able, report offending players here. No player is allowed to attack said boss even through kiting, as the boss may lure off the tankers and will cause them to try and catch up to it to continue.

If a boss is following you, do not lure the boss onto other players. This, if proven intentional, is also a bankable offence. You can create a new thread in the report behavior section or alternatively click here.

Having an assistant to help guard the boss from other factions will be helpful should other faction members appear in an attempt to steal said boss, or also said aid in the killing the boss quicker.

Do not attempt to steal from your own faction, your faction members will know who you are and this can cause some tension between players and guilds, among other things and sell maple story mesos you must need.

Other faction players can come in to steal the boss if the appropriate shields are down, some will help out, and others may kill them on you, then you as well.

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